Ben Garden High School is established and managed by the Benedictine fathers. The school is run by Ashir Sadan Benedictine Ashram which is a dependant house of the St. Joseph's Conventual Priory, Makkiyad, Wayanad, Kerala. While the Monastery at Teok, Ashir Sadan Ashram, is a spiritual centre for the Roman Catholics. It has constituted Ashir Sadan Sylvestro Benedictine Educational and Charitable Society to carry out its social, educational and charitable activities. Ben Garden High School is an educational venture of Ashir Sadan Ashram.

St. Benedict is the heavenly patron and guiding light of Benedictines all over the world. Benedictines carry on a tradition of that stems from the origins of Christian monastic movement. Ben Garden High School promotes the Benedictine traditions of education and formation of young persons. St. Benedict is the heavenly patron of the school. The school prepares its students to participate fully in the life of the society in a diverse and dynamic manner, balancing their rights and duties as individuals with the demands of the common good. This type of education is designed to broaden and deepen a person's vision of reality, to help all to understand the dignity and uniqueness of each human person and at the same time, to place an emphasis upon the demands of freedom and social responsibility. Central to our educational tradition is the rigourous investigation of questions that deal with the ultimate purpose of life.

Our commitment to quality education, spiritual awareness and community participation are unshakable values addressing the needs of tomorrow. We, at Ben Garden, impart a quality education rooted in the 1500 year tradition of Benedictine ideals, an education that prepare not only for a career, but also for service to the people. Benedictine values that promote spiritual convictions, professional goals, community obligations and a happy and rewarding fraternal life are not only parallel paths in the structure of life. The mission and vision of Benedictine reflect our catholic and Benedictine traditions and provide the learning community community with a sense of continuity with the past and a director for the future.

We aim to develop and maintain a good balance between the mental and physical well-being of our students, giving them the possibility to participate in a variety of activities which will ensure that all aspects of developments are covered. We aim to help in our students growth process, giving them the chance to experience and experiment with difficult stimuli, both mental and physical, as they move through childhood and into adoscelence. We provide a rich and rewarding educational environment for children. We teach values and build character while celebrating creativity and exchange of ideas. Our students explore their relationship with God in daily prayer and their relationships with others through strong social interactions. We provide an atmosphere that fosters spiritual grounding tradition with respect for the dignity and beliefs of every human being. We promote the concepts of responsible global citizenship and active stewardship for the natural world.


'Let your light shine on us' is the motto of Ben Garden High School. We implore God's guidance and enlightenment in every moment of life and activity. Enlightened by the supernatural light,Ben Garden High School moulds self-confident, sensitive, responsible and informed individuals with life-long passion for learning and caring.
'Ensuring excellence empowering dreams' is yet another watchword of Ben Garden High School, as it prides itself in ensuring its pupils excellence in intellectual pursuit and has set high expectations for all students to empower them to work hard for their dreams. It is our desire that every Ben Garden student grows in academic self-discipline, critical thinking skills, independant reasoning and creative expression inorder to attain realistic goals in a challenging world.


Education aims at making children capable of becoming responsible, productive and useful members of a society. Knowledge, skills and attitudes are built through learning experiences and opportunities created for learners in school. It is in the classroom that learners can analyze and evaluate their experiences, learn to doubt, to question, to investigate and to think independantly.
We, at Ben Garden High School, aspire to equip our students with the skills needed to realize their unique gifts and talents which God has given them and achieve their full potential. We believe that such an education is needed to meet the challenges of the future and to mould individuals who are self-confident, resourceful and enterprising. The students of Ben Garden High School are invited to express themselves through intellectual activities, sports, games, music, art and a variety of other activities which will develop their physical and creative abilities and potential, making it easy for them to combine learning with fun.